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Frequently Asked Question ’s for the Ottawa Water Ski Club (formerly GWSA) - Below you will find answers to the questions we often get from curious water skiers!

Q: Does the club offer waterskiing to the general public?

A: Yes! We have two boats that we operate out of the Rideau River off of the River Road at Eccolands Park. This site offers you a chance to ski on the river and/or a slalom course.

Q: How does it work if I want to ski?  Can I just show up to your site?

A: Our club operates on a Google Group email system. If you want to ski, join our Google group and post the site that you want to ski at, the day and the time that you want to ski, and then wait to see if others jump in. You can also just wait for others to post their intentions and jump in when you want to go. To get going, you need to contact our email administrator, and he will invite you to our Google group.  He can be reached at

Q: I am a recreational waterskier and want to try out your club.  How do I go about doing that?

A:  All levels of skiers are invited to come out and give us a try. We have recreational skiers and competitive skiers and the Eccolands Park site offers plenty of variety as you can ski the river, barefoot or try a slalom course. Contact our administrator at to join our Google group and get started.

Q: I do not know how to ski but would love to try.  

A:  While we are not a ski school, we have several members who have coaching experience or have been coached.  Our club has skis of various sizes, a ski rope and life jackets for adults, youth and children, all free of charge. Our boat on the Rideau River also has a boom for people starting out.

Q: I haven’t skied in years.  Is the club only for really good skiers or can anyone join?

A:  Our club is for all abilities and ages.  We have skiers who haven’t skied in years and want to get back into the sport, skiers who ski at a competitive level and others who are recreational skiers.  We even have barefooters.

Q: How much does it cost to come out and ski?

A: The club charges a flat rate for a guest to ski, for up to four ski/barefoot sessions.  After that time, a person wishing to continue will be required to join their local provincial association for approx. $50 and also join the OWSC.  Our membership prices are posted on our website here .

Q: I will be in town on business.  Does the club offer drop-in sessions?  

A: Yes! If you are already in town, please call (613) 222-7718 and we will try and accommodate you.  If you are planning ahead, contact our email administrator at and he will invite you to our Google Group where you can post your intentions with our club members.

Q:  My family are all experienced course skiers.  How do we join and what is the cost?

A:  You can join by going to our website here, downloading the application form and waiver,  and sending them with your fees to our Treasurer. We do have a family membership rate as well as a student rate.  You will also be required to become a member of your provincial waterski association for insurance purposes.

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